Women’s Revolution

Lita introducing the new WWE Women’s Championship. (Photo By: Miguel Discart)

The women of professional wrestling have never been on the same level as their male counterparts. For years, women either had no significant part or TV time and were viewed solely as eye candy. The biggest insult is fans utilizing the women’s segments and matches as a bathroom break. The women just never got the credit they truly deserved.

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One versus all


Roman Reigns’ Championship win at Wrestlemania 32 (Photo By Manuel 33 via Wikimedia Commons)

The term overrated is thrown around a lot these days and especially in the world of sports. One probably wouldn’t want to be associated with the word. It’s a negative adjective to describe an individual or thing of being better than it really is. It’s used as a way of discrediting an individual.

There are tons of athletes that fall under this list such as Stephen Curry, LeBron James and Cam Newton but let’s look at one man – Roman Reigns.

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Local turns dreams into reality

Garcia on her Reality of Wrestling debut. Photo Credit: Jennifer Garcia

The Flagship of Texas Wrestling is right here in Houston. Reality of Wrestling is a wrestling promotion and school run by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Its facility is located at the World Gym Arena in Texas City and caters to many hopeful and aspiring wrestlers from around the country.

Jennifer Garcia is one of those hopefuls, who lives and breathes wrestling and has a story to tell that one day everyone will know about.

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Professional wrestling doesn’t get enough credit

Photo by Miguel Discart via Wikimedia Commons

Professional wrestling is pre-determined.

There’s just no doubt about it. There are aspects of pure athleticism in pro-wrestling but their outlandish storylines make for entertainment. There’s a term for that and it’s called “sports entertainment.” In fact, it’s in the name of the world’s largest wrestling promotion, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

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