One versus all


Roman Reigns’ Championship win at Wrestlemania 32 (Photo By Manuel 33 via Wikimedia Commons)

The term overrated is thrown around a lot these days and especially in the world of sports. One probably wouldn’t want to be associated with the word. It’s a negative adjective to describe an individual or thing of being better than it really is. It’s used as a way of discrediting an individual.

There are tons of athletes that fall under this list such as Stephen Curry, LeBron James and Cam Newton but let’s look at one man – Roman Reigns.

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Professional wrestling doesn’t get enough credit

Photo by Miguel Discart via Wikimedia Commons

Professional wrestling is pre-determined.

There’s just no doubt about it. There are aspects of pure athleticism in pro-wrestling but their outlandish storylines make for entertainment. There’s a term for that and it’s called “sports entertainment.” In fact, it’s in the name of the world’s largest wrestling promotion, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

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