The Warriors will reclaim the NBA Championship


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It’s not easy to say the words, “I told you so,” and whether you like it or not you’re going to hear it in the next few months.

The Golden State Warriors hold the number one seed in the west but so do the Cleveland Cavaliers in the east. Fans are more than likely to see a re-match for the third time in the finals against the two teams. However, as the season rolls on, it seems that the Warriors are more determined than ever to take back the NBA title.

The strength in numbers

The Warriors had quite a few things happen in the last year including losing in a 3-1 lead against the Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals, acquiring former Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant, renouncing Harrison Barnes and Leandro Barbosa and trading Andrew Bogut in order to fulfill a salary cap. In careful negotiation for the trade, the Warriors were able to keep key player Draymond Green. The fact is the Warriors were able to keep their key players intact.

It’s not much for anyone to contest that for a team with that many stars can’t win a championship. That’s like saying the Dream Team couldn’t do it. The line-up did change and it took a few games to find chemistry and rhythm but as each day progressed the Warriors got getting better and better. They continued to do so even with a superstar in Kevin Durant. The Warriors alone produced four All-Star players in the West of the 2017 NBA All-Star game.

With the competitiveness of the western conference, the Warriors are currently four games ahead of 2nd seed San Antonio Spurs and 3rd seed Houston Rockets trailing not too far behind. It shows a lot that a team can manage to still be several games ahead of teams that are close behind them and are doing better than the Cavs, yet, there can only be one team from each conference. It’s going to have to come down to the Warriors and the Cavs.

For the record

Golden State Warriors
Record: 47-9

Cleveland Cavaliers
Record: 36-16

Stats provided by 

Each team has a 99% chance of making it into the playoffs but further stats  may suggest and project a high percentage difference in who has the better chance in winning the title (Warriors 56%, Cavaliers 10%).

I told you so…

You don’t have to like it but the fact is the Warriors have better depth, ball and player movement and versatile players. On top of that, they’ve got one of the best coaches in the NBA feeling better than ever, Steve Kerr. Their only real test, in my opinion, is LeBron James. That’s one thing that’s most likely never going to change as a challenge for the Warriors.

One doesn’t have to be a fan of the Warriors or the Cavaliers. There’s no way around it – the Golden State Warriors are going to win the NBA Finals this year.


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